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Chateau Soucherie

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115 EUR per room
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Check In/Check Out time
16:00 - 11:00
On the banks of the Layon, 20 minutes south of Angers
Bar, Concierge service
Wine tasting, Wine cellar

Hotel overview

Château Soucherie is a beautiful wine estate near Angers inviting wine lovers and wine tourists to enjoy one of the 4 stunning rooms available at their Maison des Amis. 

Discover the charm and warmth of this atypical house, which has been entirely renovated to include all the modern facilities needed for comfort on your trip. Rooms overlook the Layon valley and present guests with the calming views of the vineyard, providing a peaceful and revitalizing stay.

The Maison des Amis has a kitchen, a living-room and a terrace available for guests.

Staying at Chateau Sourie has its benefits - you are on a working winery, so do take advantage and visit the wine estate, the cellar and enjoy a wine tasting!  

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Price per room; 1 night + breakfast + tour/tasting - for 1 person

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Price per room; 1 night + breakfast + tour/tasting - for 2 people



France, Loire Valley, Chateau Soucherie 49750 Beaulieu Sur Layon

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