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Why Visit France?

France is one of the most romantic and idealised countries in the world ... so it's no surprise that it's also one of the most visited! Class, integrity, and timeless beauty runs deep in the veins of France's fairy-tale landscapes, legendary cuisine and world-famous winemaking culture. There is something here for everyone, from the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Côte d’Azur to the pristine snowy peaks of the Alps and the Pyrenees. Visitors new and old can take enormous pleasure in exploring the best of France’s romantic cities, getting lost in charming medieval villages and venturing out into the endless miles of gorgeous countryside and rolling vineyards.

'Fine' is a word that's irrevocably linked with French culture. France is full of fine art,, fine food, fine wines and high fashion. There is an abundance of excellent food and wine tours in France that will give you a deeper insight and an immersive experience as you taste your way around some of the world's most famous and impressive wine regions such as Champagne, Burgundy, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Loire Valley. For those who want to explore a little more on their vineyard holidays to L’Hexagone - the nickname given to France by the French - why not consider a visit to Cahors, the birthplace of Malbec, or the breath-taking Rhone Valley, one of the world's most ancient and prolific wine regions. If you are seeking the best of both worlds, capital of the wine world Bordeaux offers cosmopolitan comfort and glamour just a stone's throw from some of the world's most famous winemaking regions, from Pomerol to Margaux - a true Mecca for lovers of food, wine and good times!

Resplendent with historical monuments and world-renowned landmarks, teeming with wine experiences and new adventures around every corner, France offers wine holiday-makers the perfect escape. 

Plan Your Visit

Best Known Grapes

France is home to many of the country's (and the world's) best-known grapes which include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Gamay Noir, Merlot, Cinsault, Pinot Meunier, Mourvedre and Malbec. (This is not an exhaustive list ... there are around 40 different grape varieties to be found in the majority of French wine!)
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Best time to visit

If you would like to avoid the crowds, experience milder temperatures and lower prices, the best time to visit France is during spring and early summer from March to June, or the balmy autumn months of September and November. Of course the best time to visit France differs depending on whether it's a wine trip or a ski holiday. If it's the latter, November through to mid-April is typically when the ski resorts open.
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How long to stay

We think one can never spend enough time exploring  France! There are plenty of wine regions, cities, villages and mountainous areas to venture. If you would like to travel around a number of France's lovely regions, but would like to stay a little longer than a day in each place, 2   weeks should be enough depending on your itinerary. If you have a select few vineyards in mind, and a city or two on your list, then a week is a good amount of time. However, great accessibility from the UK and the rest of Europe means that long weekends in France are a great option, with plenty of half-day, day-long and multi-day food and wine tours in France that will help you cover a lot of ground.
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How to get there

For a country that sees millions of tourists each year flying in and out of the region, it's handy to know which airport serves your end-destination best. If Paris is your goal, there is Paris Charles de Gaulle, found 25 km northeast of the city and Paris Orly which is smaller, but closer (13 km south of the capital) and busy with domestic flights. Paris Charles de Gaulle also provides excellent routes to other regions in France. For those travelling to Bordeaux, the airport that serves you best is 12 km west of Bordeaux and called Bordeaux Mérignac Airport. If Lyon is where you're trying to get to, plan an arrival at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport. They provide good connections to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which is 20 km away. It is most convenient to fly into Marseille Provence Airport if the South of France is your final destination. It's located 27 km northwest of the city. The best airport for those travelling to Nantes, as well as Volotea and Transavia, France is Nantes Airport. It's 8 km southwest of the city. For those travelling to Nice, or more specifically Côte d’Azur, it is plan to arrive at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport which is 6 km southwest of Nice. If you are visiting Andorra or Lourdes, the airport that best serves this region is Toulouse Blagnac Airport. Toulouse is the capital of Occitanie and is a small distance of 7 km away from the city centre.
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Top Wine Regions in France

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