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Masseria Amastuola Wine Resort

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139 EUR per room
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14:00 - 11:00
Room service, TV, Air Conditioning, Bar, Disabled Access, Garden, Restaurant, Room cleaning, Terrace, Towels & Linen provided, WiFi, Airport transfers, Parking
Bicycle hire, Wine tasting, Cooking class, Outdoor pool

Hotel overview

Discover Masseria Amastuola, a large farmhouse in Southern Puglia, within the Crispiano region, surrounded by 170 hectares of land and bounded by dry stone walls, mostly cultivated with vineyards and ancient olive trees.

Amastuola is a closed courtyard farm, set around a large quad accessed by two doorways; the Southern door reveals a spectacular glimpse of the Gulf of Taranto.

If you are looking for a resort in Apulia with extraordinary charm and exceptional comfort, then Masseria Amastuola is just the place for you.

The masseria also offers hospitality in the 18 rooms located on the first floor of the main body of the structure and inside the old stable. Made in the utmost respect for the original architecture and using local crafts and materials, the rooms are projected and designed to provide exceptional comfort. Each room has a different view, some of them overlook the garden vineyard, others the central courtyard and others the garden.

Staying in the fully equipped rooms and suites, you can revel wholly in the fullness of the wine tourism experience by strolling through the vineyard, learning about all the stages of the wine production cycle, and discovering the variety of their wines during tastings.

Masseria Amastuola provides a broad range of wine tasting packages to suite everyone from the wine lover to the connoisseur. Tours of the Masseria’s huge, open spaces give you a unique experience, a truly sensorial wine tour both discovering wine and experiencing its production.

Staying at Amastuola allows you to enjoy one of the many activities available such as bicycle riding through the vineyard; relaxing horse rides; becoming a Chef with a cookery class; and having fun with fishing or other available excursions.

Masseria Amastuola is the ideal solution to provide you with the perfect venue for meetings, business events and private gatherings, fully equipped with modern conferencing facilities yet set in the extraordinary beauty of the garden vineyard and the imposing surrounds of the ancient farmhouse.

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Italy, Puglia, Strada Provinciale 42, 74012, Crispiano

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