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Relais La Sommità

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399 EUR per room
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15:00 - 12:00
Restaurant, Parking, Room cleaning, WiFi, Towels & Linen provided, Air Conditioning, Concierge service, TV

Hotel overview

The Relais La Sommità is one of Ostuni's hidden gems. Between narrow alleys, Cycladic white houses and Baroque architecture the construction rises above a 16th century palazzo. This beautiful hotel consists of 15 luxurious rooms, a Michelin starred restaurant, a wine cellar and a spa.

This 5-star hotel's interior merges an ascetic minimalism with a stylish luxury. Each room is uniquely decorated creating a unique experience in an atmosphere where the guests can relax in blissful silence. Shades of white and cream, stone walls and high ceilings create a sober, elegant and minimalistic interior.

Dine at the Il Cielo Restaurant a Michelin starred restaurant run by Sebastiano Lombardi. His philosophy of bringing the past traditions together with innovative flavours of the present creates an outstanding menu with must-try dishes. The dishes are beautifully paired with especially selected Italian wines and served in the surroundings of the Spanish Garden.

For wine aficionados the Relais hosts a top-class wine cellar where you can sample the delights of the region. Or why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a pampering body treatment in the spa? Then relax in the Turkish bath to invigorate and revitalise your body. The experienced staff and the Culti Spa Mareminerale methods and products live up to the 5-star standards of the Relais.

This beautiful hotel is the perfect refuge from the busyness of everyday life. La Loggia, La Corte, La Grotta and L'Affresco are the Deluxe en-suite rooms of the hotel, all with queen sized beds. Il Mare, L'Aranceto, La Torre, La Palma, Il Sole are the Deluxe View en-suite rooms with individual balconies complete with a gorgeous panoramic view. Il Cielo, Il Colle, L'Aurora, Il Camino, La Cattedrale are the five suites of the hotel. Each suite has two floors with living room and can accommodate more than 2 people. The Relais La Sommità has also a beautiful Master Suite, Le Volte, with large terrace and bathroom with a Jacuzzi and shower.



Italy, Puglia, Via Scipione Petrarolo 772017 Ostuni

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