A photo of TUFFUDESU guesthouse

TUFFUDESU guesthouse

Hotel rooms from
180 EUR per room
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Useful information

Check In/Check Out time
16:00 - 20:00
cooking class - yoga lesson - Wine Tasting Experience
Air Conditioning, Concierge service, WiFi, Garden, Terrace, Room cleaning, Towels & Linen provided
Cooking class, Outdoor pool

Hotel overview

Immersed in one of the most beautiful landscape of northern Sardinian 

Tuffudesu offers an amazing stay. 

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Comfortable, large and spacious room on the top floor with valley views.

The room is 20 square meters with private bathroom with window.

All our accomodations have breakfast included and are equipped with double bed, private bathroom, Wardrobe, air conditioning, Electric Kettle for Tea/coffee, a mini bar (charged at check out), hairdryer, and Bath Courtesy set.

Our guests can also enjoy free use of the park of the structure and our Robinia Forest , swimming pool and our area for sunbathing and relaxation area, WI-FI zone.



Italy, Sardinia, Osilo, Via Roma 13

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