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Casa da Cisterna

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75 EUR per room
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15:00 - 09:00
Casa da Irene restaurant, Almeida, Castelo Rodrigo historical village, Penedo Durao Belvedere, Duoro International Natural Park
Organic produce, WiFi, Towels & Linen provided, TV, Air Conditioning, Parking, Terrace, Restaurant, Room cleaning
Wine tasting, Cooking class, Outdoor pool

Hotel overview

A beautiful, family-run boutique hotel set within a medieval castle in Castelo Rodrigo and perfectly located for exploring the local wine region.

For most of us, living in a luxury apartment means living within a modern and enclosed space with a private pool. But for Ana and António, two biologists who came from Lisbon, fascinated by the charms of rural life, the luxury apartment concept is a bit different: in Castelo Rodrigo, the beautiful fortified village they live in, the walls have centuries of history and are open to whoever wants to come in. 

The simple people in the neighbourhood always stand with a smile and the swimming pool is a monument to the ancient cistern that once served as a water reservoir for the village and now gives the name to Casa da Cisterna. 

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Standard Double Room

Standard bedroom with a double beds and a private bathroom.

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The suite includes a mezzanine bedroom with a double bed, a private bathroom, and a small sitting room with a wood stove.

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Portugal, Center of Portugal

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