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Casa de Vilarinho de S. Romão

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The Casa Vilarinho de S. Romão nests in a pleasant and fertile location on the right bank of the Pinhão river, 3 Kms from the borough of Sabrosa, in what was one of the best areas for Port Wine in the 19th century. Due to its altitude it has a mild climate in the summer, and none too harsh in the winter.

The charms of the past are pleasantly combined with modern comfort in this 17th century manor house which is remarkable for the grandeur of its harmonious architecture including a blazoned adjoining chapel built in 1462.

Located in the heart of the Douro Valley demarcated wine region, it is situated at a comfortable travelling distance from some of the region’s most famous landmarks and historic centres such as Viseu, Lamego and Coimbra.

Vilarinho de S. Romão is both the name of the very old village where this house is placed and the aristocratic title of its previous owners, Squires of Vilarinho since the 16th Century, Viscounts since the 19th century, and responsible for important deeds both in cultural life as well as in innovative activities of the highest interest for the economy and for agriculture.

Casa Vilarinho de S. Romão offers six large bedrooms in an historic atmosphere, characterised by bright colours and windows opening onto a typical vineyard landscape. All bedrooms have a private bath and central heating.

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Portugal, Douro Valley, 5060-630 Vilarinho de São Romão, Sabrosa, Portugal

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