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Quinta de Veiga is an 18th century manor house located on the right bank of Douro river and near Ferrão’s railway station. It is based in an area known as Veiga do Donelo and in the 17th Century was formed by smallholdings which came together to form today’s property, named Quinta da Veiga - a producer winery of Port and Douro wines.

The farm house operates in an area nestled between Régua and Pinhão, in the Portuguese province of Vila Real.

The main house offers 7 double rooms decorated with comfort and style. During the restoration of the property the owners tried to maintain its traditional characteristics, but also imposed a strong personal style - mixing Portuguese and Asian elements. The Quinta da Veiga is surrounded by wine terraces, gardens and has a swimming pool. This Quinta enjoys a fantastic landscape over the River Douro. 

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Portugal, Douro Valley, 5085-207 Ferrão, Pinhão, Sabrosa, Portugal

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