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Palacio Tondon

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139 EUR per room
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14:00 - 12:00
Room service, Concierge service, Laundry service, WiFi, Air Conditioning, TV, Restaurant, Bar, Garden, Terrace, Room cleaning, Towels & Linen provided
Wine tasting, Horse riding, Harvesting in the vineyard, Wine cellar

Hotel overview

Discover Palacio Tondon, a 16th century palace located in Briñas, a little gem located in La Rioja. 

The Ebro river becomes tortuous as it runs through Briñas, which dates back to the Roman period. Narrow streets dotted with stately homes, including this luxury hotel with views of the Tondón vineyards, from which it takes its name.

Palacio Tondón is a unique architectural complex surrounded by vineyards and mountains where tradition and history are combined with innovation and sustainability. It’s a place where the word “charm” really comes to life and where time appears to grind to a halt.

The hotel has 33 rooms available, all of which combine design, style and elegance, in addition to comfort and functionality.

Just a few minutes away from the Barrio de la Estación and its 7 century-old wineries, Palacio Tondon is the perfect spot to delve into the passionate world of wine. Discover the 16th century cellar, taste the best wines of the region in the wine bar and enjoy the special gastronomy that will surely conquer you with the five senses.

Wine lovers can also discover the historical vineyard and taste wines during a picnic consisting of cured meats and cheese, in incredible surroundings. Furthermore, the hotel offers a number of body treatments if you want to relax and can also organise kayaking, quad biking, or hot air balloon rides for its more adventurous guests.

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Double Room River views

Design and confort in the stone bulding or wooden building with views of Ebro river and Tondón vineyards.

Standard Double Room

Design and confort in the stone building with street views or attic room.



Spain, Rioja, CAMP

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