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15:00 - 12:00
WiFi, Air Conditioning, TV, Room cleaning, Towels & Linen provided, Laundry service, Concierge service, Airport transfers
Wine cellar, Wine tasting, Harvesting in the vineyard

Hotel overview

Wine & Soul Suites combine art, design, and comfort in order to offer you an unforgettable experience in Haro, the City of Wine.

The city of Haro, one of Europe's leading wine destinations, located in the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula and north-west in the province of La Rioja, enjoys an exceptionally good and strategic location. Internationally renowned for its wines, Haro is a haven for wine lovers and the prime location for those wishing to explore everything the Riojan wines have to offer. The region is rich in culture, making it a loved weekend getaway or holiday destination for many. The mixture of culture, nature and gastronomy makes for an unforgettable visit. Within the Wine Routes of Spain, the strongest points of the La Rioja region are the spectacular landscapes, the amiable local folks, the exquisite cuisine and the very best of wines. Furthermore, the La Rioja region, a leader in oenotourism, is known as one of the most prestigious and well-known winemaking regions in the world.

The suites have been designed to delight you by fusing tradition with contemporary styles and innovative facilities, with the spotlight on wine.

As the first wine-themed accommodation in Haro, Wine & Soul Suites' mission is to share a passion for superior quality wines with its oenophiles guests. This means that all the suites offer an authentic wine experience for a holiday that you will definitely remember.

The exclusive Suites were designed keeping your comfort in mind. The modern design and elegant decoration go hand-in-hand with the architectural elements that mark a XIX century building. Discover how the avant-garde lines meet with the old stone walls and wooden ceilings, creating an atmosphere of peerless comfort and sophistication. Fully equipped with the best amenities and latest technology, the suites will make you feel right at home!

Located in Calle Virgen de la Vega in the city centre, Wine & Soul Suites is the perfect place to be in if you wish to wander through the old town and discover its elegant Renaissance palaces and medieval streets. Don’t forget about the local gastronomy and visit one of the ancient wineries. Everything you need is just one step away!

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Spain, Rioja, Calle Virgen de la Vega 2, 1º

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