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Prince Michel

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183 EUR per room
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14:00 - 11:00
Shenandoah National Park, Vineyards, 1 hour 45 mins from Richmond, 1 hour from Charlottesville
Garden, WiFi, Air Conditioning, Terrace, Bar, Towels & Linen provided, TV
Wine tasting, Wine cellar

Hotel overview

Established in the late 1970's, Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery is one of Virginia’s oldest and largest wineries. The team are passionate about great wine and a great wine experience. 

Not only can you visit the winery for a tour and tasting, you can stay overnight in one of four luxurious suites on the main winery and vineyard property. 

The suites at Prince Michel are spacious and elegantly decorated in the French provincial style. Each suite features a luxurious bath, romantic fireplace and galley kitchen, and enjoys majestic vineyard and mountain views from a secluded garden patio. 

Individually designed and named to recall all the charms of the French countryside, choose from the blue and beige of the La Concorde, the green and gold of the Les Champs Elysees, the tailored elegance of La Tour Eiffel, or the provincial charm of La Paris.

Prince Michel will be happy to recommend, and or, arrange for dinner reservations at the best central Virginia restaurants! 

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La Tour Eiffel

The tailored elegance of La Tour Eiffel offers a tranquil setting for your visit to Virginia wine country.

Les Champs Elysees

Choose Les Champs Elysees to experience the serenity and charm of the Virginia countryside.


La Paris

This luxury suite is designed to recall all the charms of the French countryside, La Paris draws inspiration from the French Impressionists.


La Concorde

The blue and gold decor of La Concorde will bring to mind all the charms of the French countryside, here in the Piedmont of Virginia. 



United States of America, Virginia, 154 Winery Lane Leon, VA 22725, USA

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