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La Maisonnée Girondine

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85 EUR per room
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Check In/Check Out time
16:00 - 11:00
9.4km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Émilion
WiFi, Garden, Towels & Linen provided, Parking
Outdoor pool, Bicycle hire

Hotel overview

Nestled amidst the vineyards of Castillon and a mere 9.4km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Émilion, La Maisonnée Girondine extends a very warm welcome to all who wish to explore the treasures this region has to offer.

Built in 1837, this beautiful sandstone house has been lovingly restored and renovated into a 5 bedroom Chambre d’Hôtes in Saint Magne de Castillon which remains wholly respectful to the traditional Girondine fashion adopted by the artisans working on the property all those years ago.

A beautiful garden stretches out in front of the house encompassing a wide variety of fruit trees, two historic wells which were once at the centre of the community, and a glorious swimming pool.

Being firm believers that breakfast is one’s most important meal of the day, a wide range of delights shall adorn the breakfast table on a daily basis and are included in all room options.

Whether lovers of wine and gastronomy, history and culture or walks through the countryside, the location of La Maisonnée Girondine has been carefully chosen to ensure that every guest can achieve their optimum level of enjoyment and relaxation during their stay. 

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Chambre Chèvrefeuille

Twin Room

Chambre Epicée

Standard Double Room

Chambre Moelleuse

Standard Double Room

Chambre Milésime

Double or Triple Room

Chambre Boisée

Luxury Double / Family Room



France, Bordeaux, 2, Chemin du Moulin,33350, St Magne de Castillon

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