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Domaine des Escaunes

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15:00 - 11:00

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The Domaine des Escaunes is a charming hotel in Provence, with the beautiful cities of Remoulins, Nimes, Uzès and Avignon nearby, as well as the impressive Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard. 

Built in the 16th century, the Domaine was a royal hotel serving as the resting post for Francis the First, Louis XIII, the future King Henri IV, Cardinal Richelieu and Nostradamus. 

The hotel boasts a gourmet restaurant and invites you to indulge in the sumptuous Provençal flavours and creative haute cuisine. Evolving their menus to create extravagant dishes using fresh, seasonal produce you can treat yourself to a first-class meal in this fantastic restaurant. 

Domaine des Escaunes welcomes you to unwind for an authentically French holiday and a real taste of Provence and the Provençal culture.

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Junior Suite

The junior suites of the Domaine des Escaunes have a view on the Provençal countryside. Sitting relax in a lounge chair, let your eyes traveling all over this magnificent landscape.


The comfort rooms, with a refined decoration, furniture and objects of the era, have a surface between 25 and 38m2.You will have a sense of well-being, offering a restful and refined stay in the center of the Provence.


Offer you an unforgettable stay at the Domaine des Escaunes, in a room with surface between 30 to 55m2, with a view on the countryside or the gardens of the domain. At night, the light shines in the garden, stunning the sound of silence, adding a kind of fairyland at your stay at the Provence.

Junior Suite with terrace

Magnificent rooms of the era with large private terrace, flat surface or with mezzanine, air conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, telephone, making your nights a moment of magic.


In the oldest part of the house on the 1st floor, a very beautiful suite composed of a large bedroom (55 m2) and a study next to it (23 m2). View onto the inner courtyard and the nearby nature.



France, Provence, 5 Rue des Bourgades, Sernhac

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