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Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat

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Avignon, Orange antique theatre
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Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat is a charming 17th centruy old stone house, that has been carefully renovated to keep its rustic and authentic character that is typical to the Provencal style. With only 4 elegant rooms, this cosy B&B offers its guests privacy and the feeling of a home away from home.

The B&B is located in Jonquières, 6 miles from the Orange antique theater, and 20 minutes only from Avignon in the heart of Popes's Provence and northern sunny Vaucluse, perfect for exploring the vinayards of the Rhone Valley and Provence. Mas du Clos offers breathtaking views over Ventoux Mount and the nearby beautiful lavender fields of the Luberon area.

One of the main advantages of staying at Mas du Clos, is that the lovely hosts, Charles & Andrée Barail, are also great tour guides and arrange unforgettable wine tours of the area for their guests. You will be whisked away in a private, comfortable car to the best wineries in Rhone or Provence - imagine wine tastings, cellar workshops and even chocolate and wine pairings!

Also, do not miss their gastronomic experience - served with elegant Limoges porcelain and gold plates, Baccarrat crystal glasses and silver cutlery. Enjoy a four course dinner, all with home cooked food and local wines. (Available only as an option with wine tours) There is also a special cheese tray that allows guests to pair wine and cheese. Take away remaining wine bottles for later. Have a fabulous time at Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat!

"If Charles & Andrée's B&B in a 17th-century stone mas surrounded by unruly flowerbeds, lawns, and gravel terraces shaded by mature trees isn't your Provencal rural fantasy come to life, then you've got the wrong picture." © Condé Nast Traveler.

WINERIST REVIEW: We were very lucky to come by Charles & Andrèe, a husband & wife team that have been running this B&B passionately for nearly 20 years. Their goal is to make every guests experience that extra more special, be it with a bespoke wine tour, cultural guide, wine tastings or a home-cooked gastronomic experience. Read more on our Blog

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France, Provence, 321 Route de Carpentras, Chemin de l'Escarrat, 84150 Jonquieres

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