A photo of Barone di Villagrande Wine Resort

Barone di Villagrande Wine Resort

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160 EUR per room
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Check In/Check Out time
12:00 - 11:00
35 mins from Taormina, On the slopes of Mt Etna, 35 mins from Catania
Garden, Organic produce, Restaurant, Terrace, Air Conditioning, Parking
Wine tasting, Outdoor pool, Cooking class

Hotel overview

Discover the family-run Barone di Villagrande wine estate, situated on Etna’s slopes at an altitude of 700 metres above sea level.  

The Barone di Villagrande vineyards slope down towards the Ionian Sea into a natural amphitheatre. This land has belonged to the Nicolosi Asmundo Family since the 18th century and today the wine-making family maintain their commitment to respecting and enhancing the heritage of the family and the peculiarities of the wine-growing area.

Barone di Villagrande welcomes wine-enthusiasts and wine-fascinated visitors to their vineyards and historic wine cellars. Stay overnight in one of four rooms in the original 18th century manor house. The property has been thoughtfully renovated to maintain its historic charm and character with the addition of modern comforts and style.  

The restaurant embraces the rich tradition of the Sicilian kitchen. The ingredients used across the menu are almost entirely obtained from the Villagrande gardens and local producers. The oil is extra-virgin from Nocellara dell’Etna; meat and cheese from Etna farms; the chestnut honey is made by local honeybees. Seasonal dishes are carefully paired with wines from the Villagrande estate.  

The property’s sun terrace and infinity pool enjoy uninterrupted views over the vineyard, towards the hills and the sea. A perfect experience between the most noble vines of Etna.

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Double Classic Fiore (BB)

Double Classic Sciara (BB)

Terrace with vineyard and seaview

Junior Suite Manerra or Suite Conzo (BB)

Terrace with vineyard and sea view



Italy, Sicily, 95010 – Milo (CT) Via del Bosco, 25

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