A photo of Adopt a vine in historic Peterc vineyard
Private Experience
1-1p capacity
1 hour

Experience Overview

Adopt a vine for a year and receive a bottle of wine you can truly and honestly call your very own! Directly from our historic sunkissed vineyard to your home. All in sync with nature and the seasons, as has been for over 200 years on this very same plot. You will be able to follow the whole cycle up close, from pruning in winter, to budding in early spring, watching the shoots and foliage develop and the fruit ripen through the balmy summer all the way to early autumn when the grapes are enveloped by the magnificent golden hue that only the treasured Rebula can give. You will witness the whole process from the vine to the bottle. Become a proud owner of your very own wine, bearing your name on the personalized bottle and you can even participate at the harvest where every grape is carefully handpicked!

Try your hand at winemaking thanks to this easy and original concept. Adopt a vine at the historic Peterc Vineyard in Kojsko.
Peterc Vineyard Estate and award-winning Ferdinand Winery offer wine aficionados and anyone seeking a new and different wine experience a chance to adopt a vine for a year – or even several vintages! Our crescent-shaped and softly terraced vineyard with true-south exposure has been under cultivation for over 200 years, as attested by the land register archives and Austrian Imperial cadastral maps from 1809. The current planting of Rebula/Ribolla Gialla on Brda’s famous marl soil dates back 25 years, meaning this sought-after vineyard is now truly in its prime.

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