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Winerist are delighted to have teamed up with The Wine Show to help bring each glorious location you see on screen to life, through wine tasting holidays and tours. Throughout the series, we’ll be offering Wine Show Inspired tours and travel guides as well as interviews, wine recommendations and more. There’s also a rather exciting wine holiday competition to win, so keep watching this space! Subscribe to our emails and be the first the receive all The Wine Show dedicated news from Winerist.

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From Santa Barbara to Bordeaux, Argentina to the Ardèche, Series Two of The Wine Show is a Winerist’s dream! As Joe Fattorini leads the TV team on a global tour of the good stuff, Winerist will be offering experiences inspired by the Wine Show’s adventures and stunning locations. As each weekly episode airs from the 12th of January, we’ll be releasing our Winerist wine tour experiences inspired by the series. Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

The Wine Show series two airs Friday 12th January at 7pm

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Want to experience these places for yourself? Our Wine Show-inspired tours will be launched every week with the show. Can’t wait? Go to Winerist.com to start searching for your next trip.

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